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Masters of Fitted Cabinets

Our team of experienced craftsmen and designers work with you to design and manufacture bespoke, superior quality cabinetry and storage solutions to suit or define any room.

We originally started out as a small family run local carpentry company with three generations of passion, experience and dedication creating happy customers in a 20 mile radius – but we soon found that our reputation for high quality work at an affordable price was travelling further afield than we could get to in person.

That’s where The Cabinet Shop ethos originated – using state of the art technology hand-finished by our team of experienced craftsmen to supply custom cabinetry and bespoke storage solutions from Land’s End to John o’Groates at a very competitive price.

No longer Jacks of all trades, instead we are now masters of one: Cabinets.

It’s what we do!

Designed and built in the UK, with a little help from you.


Watch our video to learn how the process works from start to finish :


Our cabinets are a centrepiece of a home, a fashion statement, and smart way to produce more storage space.

Designed by you. Built by us. Delivered as flat-pack, part assembled or fully assembled.

We are The Cabinet Shop!

Customer Testimonials

   The Cabinet Shop did a great job doing what we asked for with there own personal touch added, resulting in a final product that was better than expected."

S Rossby

Super, brill, tip top, awesome job :)

H Hall

Excellent support - always ready with advice. Helped me out without my asking!! Real craftsmen.... nice people too.

M Richards