How it works...


Getting that perfect bespoke cabinet is easy. But it always starts with some measurements. 

The easiest way to start is to decide on your sizes. Measure your space or note down the size of your perfect cabinet. Note the sizes down on paper and even make a sketch if it helps.

Choosing the right cabinet...

Whether its a bookcase, a cupboard, a dresser for an alcove or a wardrobe we have the solution. Think of us as your local cabinet maker on the internet.

You can browse what you want depending on your sizes or filter them to get an exact match, a bookcase for example.

Select the cabinet style you want and you can then customise it for your taste.

Start with your sizes. If you are unsure of the exact size, dont worry, every order that we process is checked, double checked and checked again with full cad plans and video visuals to make sure everything is perfect.

Customise the cabinet...

Customise the cabinet from the available options. This will tell us exactly what you are after, any extra choices and options that will make it work for you.

"Don't worry if you have a strange request or unusual option not 
available. Just tell us about it on the order and we will try to help"

When you think you have it correct, pop it in the basket and at checkout and complete the order. If you wish you can 'omit payment' and we will check your order before requesting payment. Its our preferred method for custom cabinets as it allows us to check everything in the workshop, on email with you and on unique 'computer aided designs' sent to you for clarification. (full CAD plans and visuals are available on completion of final order).

Its safe with us...

Once we receive your order, we analyse it to make sure everything works well. From the information we receive we then produce a bespoke image and plan of the exact request and submit this back to you. If we think anything needs attention or may not work we will outline this in our submission.

"Information is key, so if you think of anything, tell us or better still, when you order a cabinet, add a photo of the space its going to fit as we are masters of making the best of the space"

Only when we are all happy to proceed do we request payment. 

We then finalise any missing design points if required and move to production.


Manufacture of your cabinets takes about four weeks. In that time we keep you updated where necessary on the construction and you can ask us questions which will go directly to whoever is building your cabinet.

"occasionally you think of something that may need an answer. We will update you every step of the way. Its what we have always done and we believe the process should be as enjoyable as possible"

When the workshop is happy with your made to measure - made to fit cabinet, we will carefully package everything. Include all the necessary fittings, chosen ironmongery and assembly drawings, notes where we think they will help and send your cabinet by courier to your door.


Re-assembly is straightforward, we say this as in all cases we have already fully assembled your cabinets and checked that everything is in order. You will just be putting them back together.

The only tools required for assembly is a screwdriver (although for speed and convenience a drill driver is better). A small pin hammer for any nail sets that we supply and that's about it.

We use pocket holes for some of our cabinets and they need a special bit, but we supply anything we don't think you would be able to source yourself.

You may wish to employ a local trades-person to fit the cabinets for you and we supply all the necessary plans and drawings to assist the fitting.

Delivered, installed and complete.

We love to see what we have made for our customers.

From initial design to final fitting, we are always available with help and advice either from our designers or from the craftsmen that made your unit.

This was a real custom design taken from three base units and 6 top boxes with two custom open ends to support the upper cabinets.

A solid oak counter top finished the design.

So anything is possible and it all started with three measurements and some inspiration.