Building your cabinets

Building your cabinets with The Cabinet Shop is an easy process and can be done within 10 minutes! 

We thought we'd put together a guide to show you just how to do it, assuring you that everything will work perfectly. 

With large areas, we suggest dividing your cabinets up. This allows for an easier assemble, prevents shelves from sagging if they're too long, and means you can mix'n'match different cabinet layouts to create a personalised set-up! Filling out our form will give you all the measurements for the individual cabinets.

Measuring your space

Assuming you already know where you'd like your cabinet(s) to go, whether it's an in alcove, against a wall, or standing freely, select the space.

Now we need to measure out the dimensions of the space! If your cabinet is to be freestanding, make note of the desired size of the total cabinet(s).

We quickly came to realise that most walls, floors and ceiling are never perfectly flat. The width between 2 walls might be 1000mm in one place and 1020mm in another. So, to prevent a very tight fit, measure in 2 or 3 places and note the smallest dimension.

Now that you have your width, height and depth, input them into the appropriate boxes.

Cabinet fillers

This step can come as a surprise, but it's very simple and also important! As there are different styles for fillers; flat fillers or fluted fillers, we want to give you the option.

Fluted fillers give a traditional look to cabinets and really tie the whole piece together.

Flat fillers are a more conventional option and frame the cabinets nicely.

An end panel is exactly what it sounds like - a panel that goes on the end of an exposed side, boxing the cabinet in.

If your cabinet is to sit against a wall on one side( or both), choose either a flat or fluted filler.

If your cabinet has any exposed sides, you have the option of an end panel too.

How many cabinets

Like we've said, a single cabinet to fit a very wide space isn't recommended. With this option, it is up to you how many cabinets you'd like to divide up. 

For a space 2000mm wide, you might want to split them up into 4 separate cabinets, all with different layouts.

Simply input how many cabinets you'd like to fit in the space!

Look through some examples here for inspiration.

The results

Once you click calculate, you'll receive a list of cabinet dimensions. Make a note of these or print them out for ease when choosing your cabinets.

Choosing your cabinets

Great! Now we have the dimensions of our cabinets and filler pieces.

It's time to browse through our catalogue or layouts, styles, colours and options, such as how many shelves etc.

Use the dimensions you calculated earlier to help you with filtering products and putting in the sizes.

It's totally up to you how you style your cabinets, so take the time to make sure everything is what you want! If you want some inspiration, take a look at some photos!