Our manufacturing and lead times are operating normally. Some delivery times are slightly delayed due to Covid19.

How the process works

So you want a cabinet

Whether it's a large dresser to fill an alcove, a free-standing chest of drawers for your bedroom, or a simple storage solution for an awkward space, our experienced team is ready and able to turn your idea into a reality.

The most important and first step to the process is the dimensions of your cabinet. Using cutting edge machinery and state-of-the-art designing software, we can build your cabinet to exact and precise sizes (±1mm) where possible. With these sizes, you can choose a relevant cabinet that meets your needs from our collections of different designs.

Don't worry if you can't find exactly what you're looking for - our collections aren't all that we're able to make as there are endless incantations of designs and layouts, so feel free to ask one of our team members if your idea is achievable!

Once you've found the relevant cabinet, or one closest to your idea, input your required external dimensions for your cabinet. For built-in cabinets for alcoves - we may ask you at a later stage for the alcove dimensions as this will allow us to design your cabinet around the space you have available to make sure it fits perfectly. 

Make it your own

After inputting your dimensions, you'll have a choice of either our premium moisture resistant MDF, or our dreamy Baltic birch-faced ply for your cabinet carcass. This ultimately depends on your preference. Our MDF is more versatile, has a smooth paint finish and is the more budget friendly option, while our birch-faced ply has a more contemporary, Scandinavian aesthetic while also being stronger and doesn't need any paint to look beautiful. Choosing your material will calculate the price of material, so feel free to switch between the two to compare the prices.

Depending on the cabinet you've chosen, you will have a few more options to further modify your cabinet. Choose which style of door you'd like, if you want a contrasting counter-top and/or if you'd like it to overhang the cabinet, how many shelves you'd like or if you want your cabinet to be face-framed.

In the advanced option, you'll also be able to request for the cabinet to have cut-outs to accommodate existing skirting boards or plug sockets, as well as if you'd like the shelves to be in fixed positions.

Finally, you have a space to put additional notes and a place to upload a photo, sketch or text document. This is the best place to request any additional changes or modifications which aren't listed above. Our designers will then work with these specifications and requests when drawing up your project in our dedicated cabinet CAD software.

Submit your order for us to check

For simple orders and ones that need only the size and materials choices that are available, then you can process your order with your card as any other online order.

We recommend, however, that all cabinet orders, whether you have made a smallchange or requested extensive changes are processed as a 'Get a Quote' order at the payment section of the checkout. This allows us to double check to make sure everything will work and highlight any concerns that our experienced team notice; such as if shelves are very long and may have a risk of sagging.

This will process your order without payment, but will give us all the details of your cabinet, together with the requested changes, shipping details and any other items that are pertinent.

Review, quote, fine tune & finally pay

Once we've received your order, whether it's fully paid or as a request for preliminary designs, we will review your cabinet and any other changes and prepare a quotation or design based on the details provided. We may suggest ideas for you based on our experience and submit all this to you, along with 3D visuals for you to check through.

If you have any questions, requests or concerns, you may 'Request Changes' on your quote using the button at the top of the page. Be aware that some changes may increase the price of your project, although our prices are very keen for the extensive service we provide.

Once you're happy with your design and we are sure that we have interpreted your request correctly. it's time to accept the design. This can be done using the green 'Accept' button at the top of the page. This will allow us to send over an invoice for payment within our secure portal.

It now moves to our workshop

Now your order is fully in our system for production. We will plan out a schedule for your order, allocate your materials, fittings and workshop time and give you an estimated completion date, although, this isn't yet a fixed date and may alter as your order progresses. We do this by utilising our 'lean & discrete' manufacturing process, allowing us to give the best and quickest manufacturing schedule for your project.

Our flexible process will allow us to make your order in the best possible time depending upon material, size, complexity and order date. This can be as little as 5 days for smaller, simple projects and as long as 8 weeks for the largest most complex order.

Manufactured to order

Every cabinet project is built to order. We do not keep any standard cabinet's in stock, so it is important to double check your designs and sizes to make sure it's correct.

While we employ cutting-edge technology and machinery where required to achieve perfect square edges and accurate dimensions, every one of our cabinet's is checked and prepared by hand in our rural Hertfordshire workshops.

We like to describe your project as almost a prototype. By this, we mean that your cabinet is a unique, one-off piece of furniture and while we build it exactly to your specifications, our craftsmen may need to fine tune the cabinet as it progresses and we will update you with any little changes that may be prudent. It's what makes our service special. You have your own personal cabinet maker looking after your project every step of the way!

Assembled or kit form

Every cabinet is perfectly cut, jointed and machined using one of the largest CNC routers in the country. This allows us to use a unique method of assembly which can't be replicated by smalled manufacturers and what sets us apart. Every cabinet is fitted together using a combination of mortice & tenons and high quality Rafix fixings. This means your cabinet will be strong, perfectly aligned and very importantly, easy to put together with few tools needed!

For fully assembled delivery, your cabinet will then be quality checked and set aside for packing.

For larger cabinet's which can't be delivered assembled or where there's restricted access to your home or workplace, we will prepare your cabinet in a flat-packed form along with all the required fittings, fixings and anything else our craftsmen may feel you need. Your fitting kit(s) will be packaged in separate heat-sealed bags for easy identification, as well as including an assembly guide and diagrams unique to your order.

Everything is now moved to our packing area. 

Securely packed & despatched

Our packng department now carefully packs your cabinet and all of it's components ready for despatched.

Although we use a speciliast, white-glove delivery service, we like to make sure everything is safely packaged to reduce as much risk of damage as possible. We do this by first putting a dampening batten on both ends of wrapped panels and then putting corner protectors over the top. A layer of cardboard is then wrapped around the panels, further protecting the edges and faces, and finally wrapped fully in a black shrink wrap. This seals everything in place, protecting from any water and means the panels are safe from the packages being accidentally dropped by couriers/carriers.

Once everything is packed and ready, we will book your order for delivery. We use multiple carriers depending on size, weight and speed, but for most cases, our speciliast carrier will be used to ensure the safest journey. We will update you to let you know your order has been despatched along with a delivery day for smaller, courier deliveries. For larger, specilialist carrier delivery, the delivery company will contact you themselves in the following days to arrange a suitable day along with a 3-hour window to make sure someone will be available to receive the packages.

a real life project timeline

The final result

Assembling our cabinet's is easier than ever and will only require a few tools, depending on the complexity of the design. Every panel is labeled for easy identification and by using mortice & tenons, most panels can only be fitted one way to ensure there's no confusion. Our team is available to assist you if you have any troubles or questions regarding the assembly of fitting of the cabinet's.

We take pride in every project and cabinet we make for our valued customers.

The thoroughly modern way to get bespoke, affordable cabinetry, especially in this fuzzy time of quarantines and lockdowns.

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