Putting our cabinet's together is becoming easier as we move towards more user friendly fitting's and fixing's, while not compromising on their structural integrity.

All required fitting's and fixing's are supplied with your cabinet(s).

Tools you'll need (for most cases):

  • Screwdriver - just a hand screwdriver will do!
  • A hammer - to secure the back panel with the supplied nails

That's it! 

We've redesigned how our cabinet's are constructed, removing wooden dowels and pocket hole screws, replacing them with mortice & tenons  and premium rafix fixing's to ensure a secure connection.

Of course, there will be some cabinet's and designs which will require using screws and the use of other tools (drawer runners, built-in alcove cabinet's with fillers to scribe, securing multiple cabinet's together etc.). For these, it is recommended to have a few more tools in your armoury, which will be listed below:

Additional tools you may need:

  • Drill (to save time with screws or to drill holes in walls for Rawlplugs)
  • Jigsaw (for scribing filler panels or trimming counter-tops)
  • Wood glue (it can be use for the mortices, although it's not required)

If you're unsure about your specific cabinet, we are always here to help and guide you on what you will need!