What is a face-frame?

We've been asked many times what a face-frame is and we think the best way to explain them is to simply show you!

Essentially, a face-frame is a frame that's attached around the face of the cabinet's carcass to give a more traditional aesthetic while also making the carcass look a bit more chunky.

As standard, our face-frames are 50mm wide but can be increased in width upon request. For smaller bookcases where a 50mm wide face-frame looks too big, we can slightly reduce the width.

Face-frames are also a good option for cabinet's that are to be fitted into alcoves as they can also be used as filler pieces which can be scribed into the walls/skirting boards to achieve a built-in look. If this is your intention, please do let us know as it will affect how the face-frames are attached to the cabinet.