Our MDF Range construction details

Our MDF cabinet are constructed using our unique TENONLOC technology. We believe that this makes our cabinets the strongest on the market and also possibly the simplest to assemble.

1) Rafix countersunk cams

Our OEM Rafix connector is the best on the market. There are many cheaper alternatives available, many you have probably used before with other self assembly cabinets, but we always use the original and best which are always accurate and tighten properly. We also tool the hole to be countersunk so that when fitted they are level with the surface and do not protrude making painting difficult.

2) Special mortise and tenon joint

This is the heart of our system and one that we believe no other company offers. A mortise and tenon joint in MDF (Strictly a stopped, stub mortise and tenon joint) which people have always said was impossible to do. Well, we have perfected it and teamed with the cam lock fitting makes our connecting joints incredibly strong, but easy to assemble.

3) TenonLoc

So TenonLoc is the amalgamation of the best cam fitting on the market and our unique mortise and tenon joint. This makes a system that is easy to assemble, will self clamp itself and if wood glue is added to the joint will form a rigid structure that outperforms almost everything available on the market.

4) Drawer box construction

Our drawer boxes are constructed just like our main cabinets. With TenonLoc. This makes them incredably strong and easy to assemble. You dont need to add glue to the joints, but if you do, they will be even stronger.

5) Drawer Runners

Most companies fit the cheaper metal roller runner to drawers. We as a minimum fit full extension ball bearing side mounted runners to all drawers, with the option of having heavy duty, soft close and push to open runners if you wish.

6) Assembly Fittings

We include everything you need to assemble your cabinet from the quality cams and pins, to screws, back pins, hinges and drawer runners. We also prepare a fully exploded drawing of every cabinet as well as full manufacturing plans if needed.

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