How to order a cabinet from us.

Depending upon your requirements there are two ways of ordering a cabinet from us. Either order immediately or get a quote.

Order Immediately

You have chosen the cabinet you like, it is perfect. You have entered the sizes, chosen the materials and colours and you are happy.

Get A Quote

You need help with your order. The cabinet is about right but you need extras or custom items not available.

Order immediately

This is the easiest and simplest way of ordering a cabinet from us. Just complete your order in the normal way as with any internet order.

But it doesn't stop there...

Once we receive your order, we then prepare you a personal design of your cabinet for you to check.

We do this because even though you are sure of your sizes, materials and colour we still like to make sure everything is double checked with you before production.

Despatch of your cabinet will be in approximately four weeks.

Will you check my order for me?
Can I change anything after ordering?
Do changes cost more?
How long does my order take to be despatched?
Do you keep me up to date with my order?

Get A Quote

This is the way to go if you need help or are unsure of exactly what to order.

Choose the cabinet that meets your size and style requirements, or close enough.

Add your specific requirements or questions in the extra details 'notes' field. Add as much detail as you want, write as essay if you wish as the more we know the quicker we can help you.

Add a photo of the space you are fitting the cabinet into. Seen the perfect cabinet on Google, why not attach that picture.

Why cant I design my cabinet the way I want it online?
Does the price rise with all the extras i request?
How long does the design process take?
What happens when I am happy with the design.?
How long does my order take to be despatched?