Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


Our quotation prices are guaranteed for 30 calendar days from the final approval date. After this time, even though you will be able to approve and pay online for your order the price may require re-calculating and the new price may require an additional payment to include the revised prices. This is because our quotations are dynamic documents and will only be updated upon approval if older than 30 Calendar Days.


Standard profiles. The following panels will have a 2mm chamfer applied as standard. Doors (both flat & panelled) and countertops. If this is not required it must be requested as it is an automatic operation.


Our Service.

0.1) We undertake, made to measure and customised cabinets and other timber items either directly from specific choices made on our website or via a personalised quotation. Personalised quotations will contain technical drawings outlining the request for approval.

In this case we are committing to providing (subject to approval) the cabinetry or items exactly as per the technical drawing. Upon approval this will be the final draft and any proceeding or future dialogue not covered will be rendered null from the order.

Revisions can be made to any order and these must be submitted in writing via our design system. Once approved additional revisions cannot normally be made, however, if your order has not entered production, we can at our discretion make additional changes, but these will form an additional approval process and may delay production or add additional costs.

In the case of an order directly chosen and paid for via our website, we will after payment submit in due course any technical drawings for design approval. We accept small changes to this design within the scope of a confirmed and paid order. Any more substantial changes will require the order to be adjusted for both cost and design and this will add to the expected production schedule and may require additional charges made to your order that must be paid before commencement.


Cabinet Suitability & Purpose.

1.0)        You accept that it is your responsibility to give the correct sizes required and to make reasonable assumptions on the weight, placement and suitability of the order. We are happy to offer advice during the design stage and at other times, but it is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of your order. It is to be understood that our cabinets are heavy and due to the customised nature of manufacture, all cabinets must be fixed securely to either a wall or suitable structure to protect against toppling or crush accidents. In the case of wall units it is the customers responsibility to ensure the wall or other structure is suitable to take the weight of the cabinetry, avoid pipework and electrical cables.

1.1)        Our maximum panel size unless expressly agreed during the design phase will be 2400mm X 1200mm with a nominal size of less machine trim of slightly less than this. This means that the maximum length and width of any panel will be 2400mm x 1200mm. Any cabinet (especially countertops longer than this will be split either in the middle of the run or at some agreed point.

1.2)        Solid oak tops, where supplied (special order only) will be a maximum of 2390mm x 600mm but may be less depending upon the yield of the supplied board. This is not classed as a deficiency.

1.3)        Allowable tolerance on all panels is 1.5mm deflection over 2m.

1.4) Make sure children, pets and anyone who may not understand the construction process or the dangers present are excluded from the work area. Make sure that small components or choking hazards are not left where they can be swallowed or cause a trip hazard.

1.5) All cabinets must be fixed to a wall or secure structure where there is a possibility of tipping. Particular attention should be placed on very shallow cabinets where the doors when opened will make the unit unstable.

1.6) Our MDF is supplied ready for painting. We do not offer or price for either priming, painting or any surface finishes. Our Solid Colours are a high quality melamine surface adhered to an MDF core. Our LUX range is a ultra-matt laminate adhered to an MDF core. All exposed edges, where possible are edged in 1mm ABS tape (2mm available in some colours). No internal or curved edges will be edged.


Assembly, Fitting, and Finishing.

2.0)        All our products are supplied for DIY assembly, fitting, and finishing and we must assume that you have the relevant technical proficiency and common sense to undertake the assembly, fitting, and finishing of our products. You should seek professional help where you feel unable to perform the tasks required for our products. All our products contain both large, small, and in some cases heavy panels. Once fully assembled our products can be very heavy and will require assistance to place correctly. Our fitting kits contain all parts to assemble your product and should be checked against the plans to ensure you have everything required. If you are missing any fittings, we will ensure that these are sent to you in a timely fashion. We do not supply finishing products but can offer advice on suitable products to finish your project. In most cases and for simple products the tools required is very minimal and should be in any DIY’ers toolkit. Some large and more complex products may require additional tools and it is your responsibility to supply and use these in a safe manner. In all cases, it is imperative that small fittings are kept away from children and pets and that the work area is kept clean, tidy, and safe at all times.

2.1)        Painting. We do not offer a painting service and all panels should be (at minimum) finished in the following way. 2 x coats of quality water or oil-based primer/undercoat, denibbing between coats. 2 x coats of quality water or oil-based topcoat. All applications to the manufacturer’s specification. All sides and edges should be painted to balance the panel. The jointing parts (the mortise and tenon and any fixing holes) should not be painted as this will not allow the assembly of the cabinetry due to tolerances.

2.2)        Moisture will play a part in any timber products, even manufactured boards. We manufacture with a .5mm tolerance on most panels and in some cases, you may have to lightly sand the joints if swelling has occurred. This is not considered a fault, however, if the swelling is beyond what you can reasonably deal with, we will suggest an alternative solution.


Order times and production schedules.


Order Types

3.0) There are two routes for an order with the Cabinet Shop. How the order was made determines the route an order will take.

3.1)        Orders submitted via our website and paid for immediately. These orders will (within working times) go directly into our production system and will be allocated a preliminary completion date. In a timely fashion, one of our designers will submit your designs to you via email and text to be approved. If approved it will move through our production system, if small changes are required these will be resubmitted for approval. Once final approval is confirmed it will move through our production system with the relevant additional time added where necessary.

3.2)        Orders that are submitted for a quotation will only move to our production system when final approval and payment are made. This service is designed to make sure that you receive all the necessary assistance for your product.

3.3)        In both cases, as your order moves through our production system we will either email or text you with progress updates. It is worth noting that with every update you will receive a link to your original order or the internal copy order if processed directly from our website. This will have the expected completion/despatch date allocated and while we try not to change this, production of customised products can mean slight adjustments in timings. This is to be expected, however, our system will keep you updated.

3.4) Once a quote is approved it will move from the design department to the pre production department. If additional changes are required after the point of design acceptance a fee may be incurred for handling, restocking, wastage, and extra design time.


Order Times

Production times for our products are as follows:

4.1)        Very Small Orders                                            –              2 to 3 weeks.

4.2)        Small MDF orders                                             -              4 to 5 weeks.

4.3)        Medium MDF Orders                                      -              5 to 6 weeks.

4.4)        Large MDF orders                                             -              6 to 8 Weeks.

4.5)        Very large orders & Mixed Materials         -              8 to 10 Weeks.

4.6)        Handles                                                -              2 to 5 Working Days (Delivery)

4.7)        Samples                                                               -              2 to 5 Working Days (Delivery)

(Melamine’s & Lux may incur an additional week due to additional processes)


5.0)        Delivery Services and Times after Production.

Due to the nature of the cabinetry and products we produce it is understood that we may use a mix of differing transport and logistic partners to deliver our products. Despatch timings are a mix of the design, manufacturing, production and actual delivery time. In most cases, this can be chosen during the design or order phase. We use the most cost-effective solution available at the time to perform this task and while we attempt to offer either a next day or 3 day service for our products. The larger, more complex, and heavier products will require delivery by a specialist carrier or in some cases by a personal transport contractor and this may mean extended times for delivery. In all cases, the maximum time from paid order to completion of delivery (excluding any damaged items and replacements) will not exceed 12 weeks.

Handles and samples are on a 2 to 5-day delivery service from order as no manufacture or production time is required, but supply and picking is expected as we only procure a weekly bulk purchase of handles.

5.1) ​Please keep in mind that the 'customer due date' will always refer to an order's predicted dispatch date and not the expected date of arrival with a customer. ​Delivery times will differ depending on which method of delivery is chosen.

5.2) Because of what we manufacture and how we manufacture we pack all deliveries in multiple packs. This is done to maximise efficiency and minimise cost. This will mean that all deliveries will consist of many boxes with a mix of parts therein. You should unpack all boxes and check that you have the correct components for your order. It is impossible for us to group multiple cabinets in the same packs. You should however unpack all boxes before construction and we do not see this as a limitation of our production.

5.3) Very large orders and ones with multiple cabinets  (depending upon cabinet split) may be delivered as a split order. An example of this would be where the order consists of six wardrobes with a combined weight of 700kg and in excess of 40 boxes. This would be overwhelming for our customers and unless expressly requested and agreed to, deliver the order in two consignments of three wardrobes to make assembly and positioning manageable.

5.4) In all cases. Upon receipt of your delivery, you should check you have received all packs, parts and fittings. If you feel you do not have the complete packs and parts, you should contact us within 7 working days and we will endeavour to trace any missing parts or packs.


6.0)        Manufacturing limitations

Our automated manufacturing and state-of-the-art design systems allow an almost unlimited range of options that cannot be completely offered on our website. We do however have limitations in the way we manufacture to allow us to make a product that can be assembled by a reasonably competent DIY’er. However, in some cases, we may offer different solutions to your request that in our experience may prove a better route to your finished project. If these suggestions are not suitable or you feel that you will be unable to perform the tasks that we suggest, you should consult with a trade professional that may be able to help.

6.1)        Our Order Error. Although unusual, sometimes order errors are made either during design and/or manufacture, and if this is an error of ours, we will replace the part/parts in a timely fashion free of charge.

6.2)        Your Order Error. We try to minimise during the design phase and with our experience any errors that you may make either in design or unsuitable choices. But these things happen, and we understand this. In some cases, it may be a size issue or a wrong panel choice. Whatever the problem, we are always happy to help you solve it with additional advice or with replacement parts. In most cases, we are happy to do this for free but depending upon the issue we may elect to charge for parts at cost or for an additional delivery charge.

6.3)        The Maximum normal panel we use is 2400mm x 1200mm and any dimension beyond this would be supplied as a split panel. We can offset split panels to work better in a design or in some cases supply a longer panel, but this is at the discretion of the manufacturing team and in relation to shipping.

6.4) All hinges supplied with our cabinets are integral soft close hinges with the exception to face frame hinges where the frame is less than 50mm. These hinges are not soft close as it is not possible to fit the soft-close piston due to the hinge's small size.

6.5) Drawers are supplied with full extension drawer runners (Under Mount) unless specified elsewhere. This allows for any width and a range of depth of the drawer. It must be understood that the manufacturer of all drawer runners advises that the width of the drawer should not exceed the length of the runner. As our drawers are bespoke, we manufacture beyond this advice. The runner will operate correctly, however, there may be a little 'wiggle' as the runners operate in and out due to the extra width. We advise this not as a fault, but as a 'cost' of having a bespoke drawer outside the manufacturer's tolerances. If this would be unacceptable, then we would have to manufacture completely within the manufacturer's recommendations and only supply drawers with a width to depth ratio.

6.6) During or manufacturing process our tooling may deposit small oil droplets on boards. During QC these are neutralized with solvent and will not cause an issue when either painting MDF or finishing of Oak, It will not be an issue on melamine or Lux products. This is not seen as a defect and is accepted as part of our process.

6.7) Due to the nature of our processes and delivery service and in respect of MDF (but not limited to) small scratches and edge damage may occur. Whilst this is not acceptable, it is not seen as a full return or damage case in respect of a refund. Depending upon the level of damage we will either replace the panel(s) or supply a repair kit. We may also offer an agreed partial refund depending upon the nature and extent of the damage. However, as MDF furniture is supplied to be painted we conclude that this can in most cases is repaired during the finishing stage and the partial refund will cover your repair time if approved.



7.0)        Orders placed on our website are either paid at the point of order or placed as an ‘omit’ payment or ‘quotation’ order. Depending upon the type of order it is our policy to only start production scheduling and manufacture after full payment is made. It should be pointed out that in all cases both the design and price need to be approved before manufacture starts. However, in orders placed and paid for from our website, the approval stage will be the accepted start of your lead time schedule.,

We no longer accept payments by cheque for any orders.

All payments are including VAT at the corresponding rate at the time of payment. A full VAT invoice is provided.

Where our products are for use outside of the UK it is possible to pay less VAT, but we do need documentation relevant to the country or region of destination before any taxes can be refunded.



8.0)        Every order for our bespoke products is completely customised. Because of this, we cannot accept cancellation on any of our customised products. We do not hold any premade products and once manufacture has started or materials allocated to a schedule, we are unable to provide a refund for an order. In exceptional cases, we may at our discretion refund part or all your payment depending upon how far we have progressed with your order and how much material, design, and labour scheduling has been expended.



9.0)        Some products available on our site are not customised and at present, this would be limited to Handles (at some stage other pre-manufactured items e.g. hinges, may also be covered. While we do not operate as a handle or hardware shopping site it is understood that we make our handles and hardware available to buy without the purchase of a bespoke or customised product and for this reason, you will be able to return these items (but not if purchased with a customised order or the customised part of the order is so purchased) to us unopened, unused and in there original packaging for a refund. You agree to pay the return postage or shipping costs and we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee. Refunds are made upon receipt of returned goods to our premises and after checking the condition of the returned items.

9.1)        Refunds are made to the original card used for payment and this will take between 5 and 10 working days to be credited to your account after any refund has been agreed and actioned.


Tradesmen and use of professional services.

10.0) The use of tradesmen and or professional services is recommended where you feel that our products are beyond your scope of expertise or field of experience. Our products are easy to assemble and fit and we are confident in most cases that they are within the capabilities of most DIY’ers. However, if you elect to use a separate tradesman, tradesperson, or professional service for some or all the work, we cannot be held responsible for delays or costs involved, including modification or damage caused by you or your elected professional. We supply all our customised products complete with full technical plans and assembly guides. It is your responsibility to unpack and check that you have been supplied with everything that is required for your project that we undertake to supply with your order. If you have shortages or damages, please contact us for replacements before planning with other services.


Provision of waste.

11.0)     We take no responsibility for the removal of any packaging, offcuts supplied with your order, or the packaging therein. It is for you to dispose of in a responsible manner. We do try to use recycled packaging where possible and the plastic wrap, we use is recyclable.

11.1) Where we replace damaged or replacement parts. The original parts will remain the responsibility of the customer to dispose of or use at their discretion.


Application of DSR / CCR regulations.

Our items and products, with the exception of Handles and fittings (Where supplied without bespoke or customised products), are not covered by the aforementioned regulations as they are completely bespoke or customised products. You should check our refund, returns, and delivery policies as these fall outside the DSR / CCR regulations, and by giving approval for us to provide our products and services, you are agreeing to and have read and understood our terms and conditions. Your statutory consumer rights are not affected.


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