Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Our products & service

We want our products and service to exceed your expectations. To help ensure this please read the following information. The cabinet shops products are bespoke parts or self-assembly kits that allow you to quickly produce a very professional job with limited tools and skills. They are specifically made for you to your sizes. Accordingly, we are not required, by law, to accept their return. However, we do not want to 'catch you with the small print'. We want you to take time and get the measurements correct so you are delighted with the results. Look through our gallery and other areas to see what others have achieved.

Depending on what you order you will require a level of practical common sense to assemble, fit and paint  your item.


We have many satisfied customers and we want you to be one of them. If you are unsure about the cabinet shops products we make the following offer: If you are unhappy with your order, call us and explain the problem and give us the opportunity to resolve the situation. If we cannot to resolve the situation, return the unit to us within 30 days from delivery date and we will refund the cost of the item (up to a maximum of £100.00). Returns which have not been agreed or are beyond this time period will not be accepted.

Your order and visuals

When ordering a cabinet from us, we will email precise plans for each cabinet or run of cabinets depending on your order. These form part of your order. We dont leave you guessing whether the look and feel of the cabinet will be correct. (some variations are expected from finish to finish)

Measurements and specification

Please take great care when measuring up for your units. Familiarise yourself with the diagrams and the terms we use. Overall sizes are the full outside dimensions. Please take thicknesses into account when working out internal clearances. Once orders go into production, mistakes can only be rectified by remaking parts and throwing the incorrect pieces away. If you have any doubts please call our office team who will be happy to help. 

Copyright, Design right, Patents and Trademarks

All material on this website is copyright © of The cabinet Shop unless otherwise stated.

Where applicable we hold design right over our material. We hold various patents on certain machinery and processes.

Order Terms and Conditions

Order acknowledgement and progress

Orders placed on the website are collected and logged onto our production system automatically. When a web order is logged into the system you will be sent confirmation by email. If your order is not showing as logged-in then you have not sent the order successfully. Once an order and payment is received it could immediately proceed into production where parts will begin to be manufactured. You can monitor the progress of your order and its manufacture in Order history.

Order errors

Once we receive your order it is passed to our automated manufacturing system and some parts could be made within an hour of your order, hence the need for you to check dimensions, design and colour carefully. If we make a mistake we will replace items free of charge as quickly as we can. However, if you find you have made a mistake we will advise you on how to solve it and will make replacement parts as fast as possible but we may, at our discretion, ask you to pay a cost depending on what is involved.


Our preferred terms of business are online credit or debit card payment at time of order. Online card authorisation is performed automatically when you confirm your order. Normally you will be advised immediately if there is a problem. If you wish you can select 'Omit' at the payment method stage and call us with your credit card details. However, this will delay the progress of your order. When paying this way please wait for our order confirmation email before calling so you can quote the Work Order reference number. Also please note your order will not be progressed until payment is made.

Minimum order

We do not have a minimum order value.


Once we have received and accepted your order it cannot normally be cancelled as we may start to manufacture your parts immediately. Parts made which are no longer required cannot be economically reused and can only be destroyed. However at our discretion, depending on how far advanced your order is, we may accept cancellation and refund part or all of the order value.

E&OE Accepted on all orders.

Due to the nature of our online system. In the rare instance the system prices your order incorrectly and payment has been made, we reserve the right during the design stage to update our prices to rectify any mistakes. This applies in either a credit or debit nature. If this proves unacceptable and as long as manufacture has not started of an agreed order, we will refund your payment in full. If manufacture has started the our standard cancellation terms will apply.