Our Moisture Resistant MDF

Versatile, budget-friendly and a painters dream.

Everyone is familiar with MDF, but we bet you've never seen anything like our MDF...

By using a premium quality, moisture resistant MDF that can't be bought in stores, you don't need to worry about fluffy edges or surfaces that damage easily. 

With a low formaldehyde content, a high density composition with low swelling and absorption, along with excellent machining quality, our MDF cabinets are ideal for every internal environment.

Painting your MDF cabinet is as easy as can be with edges as smooth as glass - a single coat of primer and one or two coats of paint, depending on the finish you're looking to achieve. 

By using our TenonLock technology, not only is assembly straight forward and intuitive, but we're confident in saying our MDF cabinets are some of the strongest in the bespoke cabinetry market1

• Consistently Smooth Surface • Ideal For Humid Conditions
• Moisture Resistant 
• Superior paint finish
• FSC Certified 
• CARB2 Compliant