Create your unique, tailor-made cabinet in any of our coloured options or in a woodgrain effect for a more natural finish.


Light Grey


Dust Grey



Alby Blue

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Solid Colours

Our Solid Colour range offers 7 different and popular colours to choose throughout your cabinet at a more budget friendly price.

Made using EGGER MFC panels for a universally trusted quality along with quality features:

  • Optimal surface properties (such as abrasion and scratch resistance) in accordance with EN14322
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Woodgrain Effects

Create your cabinet in a classic Vintage Oak, Mali Wenge or a painted oak effect available in White, Light Grey and Graphite.

Each texture is supplied from EGGER to offer the same features as our Solid Colour range.

LUXE Colours

Our Luxe range is made using SERICA foils laminated onto MDF to offer a warm, captivating and silky finish that gives surfaces a real WOW effect both to the touch and to the eye.

By incorporating this into our cabinetry, we're able to offer a stunning range of premium coloured panels to really make your cabinet a feature point of any room. With anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and self-healing properties, these cabinets really can stand the test of time.

According to one of the leading European manufacturers of furniture frontals SERICA is “the best performing super matte finish today on the market”.

  • Silky touch – luxurious appearance and warm and wax like feel when touching the foil
  • Super matte effect – the new frontier of the lacquering technology for a WOW factor
  • Anti-fingerprint – no more fingerprints on the surface for an improved aesthetics and sensation of clean
  • High Scratch Resistance – extremely robust surface finish incorporating anti-scratch technology
  • Easy repair – thermal healing of micro scratches with a simple iron

Special Textures

With more textures and options coming soon, our Linen is a stylish option for any of our cabinetry.

Textile materials suggest a certain lightness and are now widely used in architecture and design. Our Linen (Finsa) offers a solution with a coarser fabric look that also has the robust surface properties of a décor. The grey colour palette works harmoniously with warm grey wood and uni colours.