Our LUX supermatt Range construction details

Our LUX cabinets are constructed using our unique TenonLoc technology (Where suitable to use). We believe that this makes our cabinets the strongest on the market and also possibly the simplest to assemble.

lux construction.jpg__PID:1e42d960-b6a1-4712-aee5-ec59ce6c6c99

All our LUX Supermatt range is supplied pre-finished, with full 1mm matching or contrasting leading edge,  and ready for assembly.
Depending upon colour - edge may display a very small joint line. This is not accepted as a fault

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By using concealed mortice and tenons, combined with quality CAM fixings, ensures impressively strong joints between all panels throughout the cabinet.

cabineo 2.jpg__PID:a437871a-e711-412d-94af-df616ec89dd9

Durable and trusted quality fixings from Hafele allows for a robust cabinet construction that simply cannot be achieved with cheaper alternatives, all without losing its strength from de- and re-assembly.

Soft-closing undermounted drawer runners as standard with 3D adjustments.

Our MDF is extremely versatile to allow us to create the perfect custom piece of furniture for you home. 

Every cabinet is manufactured using our state-of-the-art CNC machinery to ensure consistently perfect sizes with smooth edges which are fully sanded before packing.